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The Tamil InTolerance

Posted by Sathyamurthy www.sathyamurthy.com on November 17, 2005

Those who follow the happenings in Tamil Nadu might be aware of the policing of different kind happening there.

The land of the Valluavar has become so intolerant for free speech that every public figure is condemned for some comment or other.

The matter is not helped by the hype that media creates around such comments, lighting up sentiments further. If you are someone whom the popular media doesn’t like you are gone forever.

The recent demonstrations and dravidian culturistic burning of effigies and slogan shoutings against a very very general personal opinion of Actress Khushboo and a supporting voice from Actress Suhasini stand proof for this intolerance reaching newer heights.

Add to this the news about lawyers protesting some scenes in the recent Vijay movie Sivakasi and doctors protesting the name “Vasool Raja MBBS” etc.?

How this intolerance has set in? Paradoxically those who ignite such intolerant sentiments are the ones who contribute to cultural decline. Watch the TV shows, read the magazines and you will know what I talk about. No TV show is complete without a ‘item number’ song telecast. No magazine is complete without centrespreads of bosom revealing actresses in close encounters with the latest hero.

Do they realise that an intolerant society breeds hypocrisy? Is a society built on hypocrisy going to innovate?

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One Response to “The Tamil InTolerance”

  1. Suresh Kumar said


    this actually bothers me a lot. When i see those jobless people with boards protesting for such silly things, i am getting angry. Literally i feel, we should sentence people like Ramadoss, Thirumavalan and like minded people to death. What do they think they are doing? Also press people should take a pledge that they will not give importance to such issues. Something has to be done on this for sure. May be some threatening words from Amma(JJ) may pour some water on this unnecessary fire.

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