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Tree falling in a forest – Part I

Posted by Sathyamurthy www.sathyamurthy.com on November 30, 2005

Quite some years ago one of my intellectual friends asked me this question.

“What is the sound of a tree falling in a forest?”

I started thinking.  A forest has lots of trees.  It numbers in thousands, may be hundreds of thousands, depending upon the size of the forest.  And there are many many forests.  Which forest was he asking me about? Was it a forest near to my home town, state, country? Which one?

And there are many types of trees there.  The sound can vary depending upon what is the strength of its wood, the type of its branches, leaves etc.  Also the sound can be different depending upon whether that tree fell on empty ground or over another tree nearby.  How can one give an answer to such a generic question?

I want you to think about this question today.  Lets meet tomorrow for the answer.    


3 Responses to “Tree falling in a forest – Part I”

  1. Jafo said

    that is a rhetorical question…to say that there is no sound because there is no one to hear it etc….hope you catch my drift….

  2. Suresh said

    And if there was a sound how would you reproduce it? Even if you did reproduce it, would it be just as the same as how it was when it actually happened(when the tree fell). Even if it was the same sound, what if someone(just one) disagrees, how would you convince him it’s the same. Even if he gets convinced, would the fact that he got convinced be used a factual reference to the sound produced “falling tree”.

    OK my fingers ache, shall talk later


  3. மூர்த்தி said

    your blog very nice.


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