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Puppets, Jokers and spineless creatures

Posted by Sathyamurthy www.sathyamurthy.com on December 14, 2005

How will you deal with a cricketer who averages near 40 in a test match?

What if the cricketer figured in atleast three crucial partnerships in the course of his innings in that test match?

What if the runs scored by that cricketer is the 4th highest in the team?

What if he was the only player in the team to score a near 40 in both innings of that match? (Do you call it consistency or inconsistency?)

What if that cricketer forgets all negatives that happened in the recent past in his life and applies himself like a true sportsman and applies himself for a better future?

What if the test match in which he made his important contribution is won by his team?

What if in the same test match there were other players who fail but retain their place in the team while this cricketer who averaged near 40 is dropped from the team? What if that cricketer who is dropped out of the team has a track record for good performance at crucial times over the years?

What if the Captain of the team in his end of match conference expressed that the cricketer had performed well in the match?

What if there was rampant double standards in the selection of the team and consideration of performances?

What will you then do as a cricket lover? What will you think of the selectors who take such a atrocious decision of dropping that cricketer from the team on the same evening when you are rejoicing the victory?

I am one such cricket lover and I will call those selectors as PUPPETS, JOKERS AND SPINELESS CREATURES.

You wait for 7 straight international matches for a so called talented youngster to come good and call that as investment in future.

You wait for 10 straight international matches and tolerate a string of failures for a so called world class batsman to come good and say that he is doing a mentoring role in the team (then for what reason you have a high paid coach, captain and vice-captain in the team?). You don’t ask for domestic performance and current form even if that cricketer comes back after a long lay-off.

That is, unless.

Unless, of course, the name of that cricketer is Saurav Ganguly.

Unless, of course, the person answering to that name was the most successful captain ever produced by the country.

Unless, of course, the person answering to that name had taken over the team from the so called world class quitter and rejuvenated the team by inculcating things such as, a winning habit, fighting spirit and passion into them.

Three cheers to the joker in chief Mr. Kiran More. Three cheers to the co-jokers.

God save Indian cricket!

We find no place for an established player at No.6 so we drop him and bring in someone who plays at No.1 or No.2 as his replacement.

God save Indian cricket!

You select a player as an all rounder. You don’t give him a bowl. Then drop him from the team saying he is a No.6 batsman.

God save Indian Cricket!

We have improved our game!

Off the field, that is.

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