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Fifty ways to manage time – Part I

Posted by Sathyamurthy www.sathyamurthy.com on December 30, 2005

50 Ways to Manage Your Time

12 Top Time Savers
1. Reserve an hour each day. Close your door, turn off the phone and concentrate on priorities. It’s amazing what you can accomplish in one uninterrupted hour.

2. Write it down. Making a master list of everything you need to do will de-clutter your mind and reduce your stress level. Each day, move a few of these items to your daily to-do list.

3. Keep a running list of errands to do. Group them together by location and do everything at once.

4. Delegate! Taking the time to teach someone else to complete a task for you will ultimately free up your time for more important things. For one week, analyze each thing you must do and ask yourself, Am I the person who must do this or should I find someone else to do it.

5. Develop forms. Is there a sales letter that you write every week? Make a master on the computer. Think about things you do daily and ask yourself if there is a way to standardize them.

6. Make a list of things you can do in five minutes or less. (Examples: write a note to a friend, straighten a drawer, make a quick phone call) The next time you have a few minutes to spare, choose something from your list to do.

7. Prioritize, Prioritize! It is better to accomplish three very important projects in a day than it is to finish 20 low priority tasks. Think about this as you plan your days.

8. Stock up on supplies. Keep the basics such as stamps, envelopes, notepads and favorite pens in your desk and ready to go. Buy in bulk to save money and time.

9. Keep a reading file. Place in it, letters, memos, reports, newspaper articles (cut out from the paper), magazine articles (removed from the magazine), etc. When you are stuck in traffic or sitting in a doctor’s office, pull out your file and read something meaningful to pass the time.

10. Do like tasks together. Make all your phone calls together. Run all your errands during lunch hour one day per week. Write thank you cards to customers once a week. Have a daily, 15-minute meeting with your assistant.

11. Reduce interruptions. Have everyone in the company learn and use these time-saving tips. Some businesspeople put a flag on their door or their cubicle when they are not to be interrupted.

12. Get organized! You can save an hour per day by de-cluttering and organizing your desk, your files and your paperwork.

Organize Your Desk in 8 Steps
13. Start at the beginning. Remove everything from your desktop. Put back only the necessities and keep a large clean space for current projects. What are the necessities? Phone, notepad, calendar, step file organizer, current project. Keep the cutesy items in sight but off your desk.

14. Place your phone. Place your phone on the left side of desk if you are right handed and on the right if you are left handed.

15. Keep a spiral notebook by the phone for messages. Start with the date each day. By doing this, you will have reference info when you need it.

16. Keep or delete? If you use something every day leave it in your desk; if you use something once a week, you should be able to reach it from your chair; if you use something once a month keep it in your office or work area. If you use something less than once a month, keep it elsewhere.

17. Look for ways to daily improve your life. Www.ineedmoretime.com offers various organizing services and products to help you have a better quality of life.

18. Keep your office supplies in one drawer. Keep only the supplies you use frequently in your desk. Do you really need 25 pens and 15 packages of salt?

19. Sort through your desk files. Keep only personal files and files that you refer to weekly in your desk drawers.

20. Look around. End each day (or at least each week) by tidying up your desk and returning everything to its place. (Yes, everything should have a place.)

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