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Five Changes to become Super Power

Posted by Sathyamurthy www.sathyamurthy.com on January 4, 2006

Five changes we want to see before we Indians can call India a superpower – economic or otherwise.

5. Stop worrying about the impact of acts of terrorism, appalling crimes, natural and man-made disasters and corruption on foreign investment, and start worrying about their impact on Indians.

4. Make it possible for people to lend a helping hand, without being scared of police harrassment, when a man is dying on a road, whether of a heart attack or an accident.

3. Remember that nobody dies when a cricket match is lost – but thousands do when war is waged or riots break out. So, play more cricket.

2. Make it possible for a woman to go from point A to point B at any hour of day or night without being accused of provoking rapists, murderers, molesters, the police, the moral police, and men in general.

And the No. 1 change is…

Make it simple – like, really easy – for the average Indian to live within the law and in a civilised manner. Don’t let the house he buys be illegally constructed. Don’t let the school she wants her daughter to go to ask for speed money. Don’t make income-tax calculation so complex that he skips filing his returns. Don’t let loud people break into queues so that they can be served first.
Is all of this too much to demand of the government and society of a global superpower?

-Sarathguru Vijayananda

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