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Posted by Sathyamurthy www.sathyamurthy.com on January 9, 2006

Today (Jan 9) is my birthday. I complete 41 years of existence in this planet.

Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday to me!! Happy birthday to Murthy!!!

I wish myself as today I will get lesser wishes than normal.

My father who wishes me first thing in the morning is no more. I lost him in August 2005 all of a sudden. So I will have one wish less in this planet. But, he must be wishing me from heaven for sure. So I have one additional blessing from the heaven.

My wife and children wished me at the stroke of 12 last night. My wife made some sweets which I cannot take in any big quantity as I am already blessed with good amount of sugar in my body. The (getting) old body says “please no more”. The always young mind says “give me more!”. I passed the judgement and said “you can have two pieces” and satisfied myself that I have satisfied both the body and the mind.

My mother, aunt, brothers and their families called me and wished me for my birthday. More than their wishes the love and affection made me even more happy.

There is one thing interesting about “its my birthday” feeling. I know that its my birthday and people very close to me know about it and so they wish me.

However, through the day I meet, speak to and interact with friends and colleagues many of whom do not have the information about the speciality of the day. They don’t know something that I know.

Inside my heart I keep thinking about my birthday and looking for wishes from these people knowing fully well they don’t know about the day and hence cannot wish. I want to tell them but suppress my urge with the feeling that I should not give the information myself – some kind of self esteem.

But innerly I also long for wishes from many people on my birthday.

For popular people or well known public figures, the birthday wishes will pour because their birthday is also well publicised and well known to friends, fans and followers. They don’t have to make great effort in getting wishes.

As I am another ordinary fellow. Hence my birthday will not be remembered by most people. I have to remind them for it is just another day for the other people who do know that its my birthday. So I need to make gentle efforts to make these people aware of my birthday. I cannot make an announcement.

So I keep giving gentle clues. New shirt. Loudly thanking people who remember this soul and call on phone to wish me or loudly thanking people who greet me personally so that all near can get the message so I can rope in few more greets and possibly some surprise presents.

However, only some of these people who get to know the date go back and make a note of the same in their memory/ diary/ computer / mobile for a reminder on the same day next year.

Thus, I will have to make the entire efforts of clue giving the next year also for getting those additional greetings.

I think this must be the same with most others as well. So I have made a conscious effort in noting down the special days of people immediately when I get to know of the same. I also make it a point to have a reminder set-up in my computer to remind me so that I can call up and pass on my wishes.

That gives me enormous happiness. I also guess the receipient of my greetings will also feel happier having received a greeting without an effort to announce his birthday. You can’t beat the feeling you get by knowing that you are considered important by another person.

To this end, start the database today, make an effort to note the special days of your dear and near ones and of those whose special days you get to know. The lesser you know them the better it is. Set up a reminder and make an effort to pass your greetings to them at the next occurence – by email, by phone, by post – somehow. You will be amazed to see how it helps in building relationships.

And finally, do not forget to post your birthday wishes to me 🙂 And note down this day January 9. Thats my birthday and unashamedly I have blognounced by birthday to you all.

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4 Responses to “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME”

  1. Sarathguru Vijayananda said


    It was really interesting to read your blog.

    I could understand how hard it will be for you to miss one important wish from one of the most important person in your life (your father). I am sure he will shower his blessings and recommend to the almighty for your bright and great future.

    You were right that we look for wishes from people who don’t know that its our b’day but still expect them to. That’s an entirely different feeling right?

    Before I forget, “Many More Returns of the Day”.

    I have already planned for diarying my dailies. Maintaining a calendar is always good. I am starting immediately. Starting with yours 🙂

    Have a great day.

  2. SamAruna said


    Thank you for your kind wishes.

    Best Regards
    R. Sathyamurthy

  3. PPS CHAWLA said

    You are a Piscean by Hindu Moon System.Currently Moon is facing the adversity of Rahu and Jupiter Both.The transit of Jupiter in Libra aspects Natal Jupiter and also the aspect of Natal Jupiter on Natal Sun Mercury and Venus in Moon chart in 10th house makes your vision better.The best in you will come from Middle 2006 and the period of 2 years therefrom will open new horizon for you.www.karmicastro.com

  4. Rekha said

    Hi Sam,

    Jus another unknown person, wishing you a very happy birthday ofcourse belated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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