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Cost of a lie

Posted by Sathyamurthy www.sathyamurthy.com on March 26, 2006

There was an exhibition in a town.

The entry ticket prices were fixed as Rs.10 for adults, Rs.5 for children above 10 years and Rs.3 for smaller children.

A man went to the exhibition with his young looking son. The son was 11 years old but looked much younger than that age.

He asked for an adult ticket and a ticket for a 11 year old child.

The counter clerk asked the man if his child was 11 years old as he looked younger. He even suggested to that man that he could have easily got away by declaring the age of the son less than 11 and thereby saved Rs.2.

The man replied. “Yes, I would have saved Rs.2 today, but my son would have easily known that I told a lie for a gain of Rs.2. And what do you think he will do if he grows up?”


Random Thought:

What is the cost of inefficiency?

Efficient man’s time.


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