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Say Well Done when it is well done

Posted by Sathyamurthy www.sathyamurthy.com on June 9, 2006

Praising a person immediately and whole heartedly when he/she has done a job well is something many people do not do.

Such praises greatly motivate people and makes them strive for even better performances. Whether it is your wife, children, parents or your colleagues at work. It is that pat on the back that they long for.

To this is in right perspective just think how happy and bubbly you felt when someone praised you for anything.

Most of us do not hesitate to criticize others but are very stingy when it comes to complimenting. Simple thank yous and well dones we seem to have forgotten in our dictionary.

Below is a small guide phrase list for your use. Use them liberally, whole heartedly and as much as possible pass your praising in a open forum. You will notice improvement in performance and relationships.

1. I’m proud you’re in my team

2. Congratulations on a terrific performance

3. You are/were very helpful. Thank you!

4. You keep improving. Well done

5. Thanks so much for your consistent effort

6. I really admire your perseverance

7. Your mood always lifts the team spirit

8. You are a champion

9. Wow, what an incredible achievement!

10. Great effort. You make us all feel good

11. I have great confidence in you

12. You have grasped the concept well

13. Your service skills are fantastic

14. You are valuable part of this team

15. You have made us feel proud

16. With you in the team we are making a difference

17. You are inspiring and awesome

18. Thanks a lot, you made it and made our day great!!!

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One Response to “Say Well Done when it is well done”

  1. Ramadoss Magesh said

    Hi Sathyamurthy,

    Thanks for dropping in and posting a comment in my blog. Yeah, Gopu is a great talent and my brother who was in films knew him personally.

    Best regards,

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