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We are still coming to terms

Posted by Sathyamurthy www.sathyamurthy.com on August 20, 2006

Last year, this day, at this hour, he was alive. Performing religious rituals and planning the day ahead for finalising the right girl for my youngest brother

On the night of that day, he breathed his last, leaving all of us in a state of shock. I was there with him just about 40 days before and seen him in his elements.

He had sent me an email chronicling the happenings of the day (20 August 2005) at 10.30 pm on that day. And had completed it with the words that “God will take care of everything”. Was he aware of what was coming to him?

Not everyone is blessed to leave this world with least pains. Our dear dad got it. He was alive and active at 10.30 pm and became history by 10.50 pm.

But he remains alive in our thoughts just like the smell of soap that stays in your hand even after the soap had fallen into the sea and washed away.

Our father didn’t tell us how to live; he lived, and let us watch him do it.

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4 Responses to “We are still coming to terms”

  1. Murali said

    Sudden event that day and difficult to digest anytime when thought, i was close to him when he breathed his last when removing his shirt and banian for ecg chcking as required by the BSS hospital staff…

  2. Vijayasarathy said

    Emotional, Very good, just recollected my last hour with him.The words are very powerful sending your love and emotions straight into my heart
    will all these get him back for us???? His memories are now taking his place.

    He was alive when I went back home to take the records.I came back with the records, but he was not there alive.

    Exactly this time last year, he was cleaning the hall with me where myself and Vikram did Avaani Avittam. Just imagine what would be running in Amma’s mind. She too a great woman that I will ever see in future too. On the 13th Day leaving all the feelings back, she just started preparing for my Engagement. How could she do it? Strong thy name Amma.

  3. Anonymous said

    Amma and Appa are the loving and living inspiration for everyone. After we got children for ourselves we really know the value of them very much and we started admiring them for what all they have done during our childhood/teenage days. At any age their demise is not bearable. May god give his blessings to you to continue his duties.

  4. kannanv said

    kind hearted, simple, never shown any facial expressions whether he is is in good or angry….always a smile in his face. A lot to learn from this gentleman’s life….kannan.v.

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