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Harry Potter fan fiction

Posted by Sathyamurthy www.sathyamurthy.com on March 29, 2007

Writing is a pass time for many of us. Some take it little more seriously and write some good stuff. Some make it their profession and get hugely successful both in terms of fan following and also in terms of earnings.

J.K. Rowling, of Harry Potter fame is a case in point. To be honest, I have not read any of her works till date. However, I have forcibly seen (since my sons took charge of the TV and I had no other choice) a portion of one of the filmed version of her Harry Potter series on DVD. To the extent I saw I could easily understand how she created arguably one of the most popular fiction characters of the 20th Century.

My first son like many others has read, re-read and re-re-read all of the Harry Potter series books. To me, the most exciting by-product of his liking Harry Potter books is that he also took to writing.

He went ahead and joined a Orkut community to publish what he wrote and I must say that he got excellent reviews from fans like him.

I take privilege in publishing his Harry Potter Fan Fiction here. I hope you will like what you read. If you like it do send in few words of appreciation to him at niranjan dot sathyamurthy at gmail dot com as it would motivate him to write even more.

Now, over to S Niranjan, all of 16 years with his Fan Fiction.

Chapter 1: Phoenix Feather

The moon was barely visible in the stormy sky. It had never been this cloudy in any part of London in the past years nor had it rained so hard. Not a soul was seen on the streets. Even the vagabonds who were seen in the alley ways were packed away in some shelter or the other. So thought the lone stranger as he walked along. He was unlike any person usually seen in Wisteria Walk. He wore long, black robes. The robes looked very old and had been patched and darned in several places. He had long, brown hair which was flecked with grey. He looked exhausted and the dark circles under his eyes showed that he hadn’t slept for many days. He was so fixed of purpose that he cared neither about the wind nor about the rain. Remus Lupin looked around again at his surroundings. He had been here many times. It was the same reason every time.

He had finally arrived at Privet Drive and the storm had also subsided. He looked across the street at Number 4. The house like all the others in that area lay in silence. His eyes worked their way up to the second floor windows. Everything was normal. But, for some reason he still remained alert. He moved on to the doorway of the house he was standing near. He knocked on the door and then remained silent.

He waited for a while after which he heard sounds of movement inside the house. The door creaked open, not fully, but just enough for the person inside to see the visitor. “Arabella, it’s me open up quickly.” said Lupin in a hoarse voice. Arabella Figg opened the door to let him inside.

“Dry yourself before you come in Remus.” said Mrs.Figg. With a frown Lupin took out his wand from his belt and with a lazy flick dried himself.

“Hagrid just left. He got a message from Minerva. He said that he was wanted in the castle.” said Mrs.Figg.

Lupin remained silent as he moved on to the nearest window and stood watching Number 4. He then looked at her and motioned her to sit.

“I want you to remain extra careful Arabella. The order has noticed traces of several magical entities lurking some distance away from your house and at certain times from Harry’s. I think we’ll be seeing Snape and Voldemort sooner than we thought. Its times like this that makes me wish Dumbledore were still here with us.” he said.

As Mrs.Figg opened her mouth to speak, a loud crack was heard outside. Mrs.Figg froze in her place as Lupin rushed forward to the doorway. He cautiously opened the door. “Lumos” muttered Lupin, as he looked around. Not now, he thought. As he looked around a gust of wind blew something onto his face. To his shock it was a phoenix feather and with it was a scroll of parchment. He went back into the house to where Mrs.Figg was sitting and showed her the phoenix feather and the parchment.

“Remus, could it be?” exclaimed Mrs.Figg. Lupin didn’t reply. Who could have sent this message to him? And why did they send it to him? He unrolled the parchment, read its contents and stood thoughtful.

“What does the parchment say?” asked Mrs.Figg. Lupin handed her the scroll. She wore a blank look on her face as she read it.

“Lord Voldemort is coming! Take Harry to Grimmauld place as soon as possible!”

Why? And Who? It surely couldn’t have been him. No, it couldn’t have been him. Should he heed the warning? Why Grimmauld place? Thoughts flowed through Lupin’s mind. Then Lupin decided. “Expecto Patronum!” he said and a silver wolf erupted out of his wand and bounded off into the darkness.

“Arabella, I have to leave right now.” Lupin said.

“But what about Harry? There’s no one else here to keep a watch on him.” said Mrs.Figg.

“I’m taking him with me.” replied Lupin.

“But where? To the castle?” asked Mrs.Figg.

Lupin nodded and then made his way out of the house. He looked across again at Number 4. The storm had ceased and the night was calm as ever. Lupin made his way across the street to the front door of Number 4. The house was silent as it had been before the arrival of the message. “Alohamora” Lupin said and he eased the door open.

(To be continued)

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