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Global economy with a pinch of astrology

Posted by Sathyamurthy www.sathyamurthy.com on December 17, 2008

If you thought 2008 was one hell of a downhill ride for the global economy and markets take a breathe and get ready for even tougher times ahead.

Better do less chatting and even less browsing at the office and get back to work to make yourself “wanted” at the office. Otherwise, you may as well end up receiving the pink slip as Indian astrologers predict even tougher times ahead for the global economy and some real big political change in the year 2009.

Below is forward I received from a friend.

Astrologers predict tough times

Astrologers predict that the year 2009 will see global economies hit rock-bottom and warn people to be extra cautious while investing in shares. Astrologers also foresee the coming year to be difficult for governments all over the world.

Renowned astrologer Ajai Bhambi says, “Currently people are worried about the recession and financial crisis that the world economy is reeling under and I predict that some temporary relief is just round the corner. The sensex will show a noticeable rise uptil February and it may even reach the 15,000 mark again. But around May, the situation will worsen and the index may come crashing down, hitting as low as the 5,000 mark. The effect will be disastrous, something like the great depression of 1930s. In such a scenario, finding a job may not be an issue, but managing two-square-meals-a-day will be.”

Bhambi predicts much change in the corridors of power and politics. He says, “Indians have almost reached a point of saturation, a ‘zone of intolerance’. After this, 2009 will be the year of change. We have the general elections coming up and there is a big possibility that voters might look for a change in the pattern of governance and poll accordingly. The pattern of voting will be something that India has never witnessed before. Above caste and religion, Indians will focus on issues and then press the button to bring in a change. All this is because of Saturn’s movements.”

Astrologist Namita Vadehra looks deeper into the changes that are about to take place. Namita says, “We have tough times ahead, precisely till February 2009. The transit of Saturn is responsible for all this and also for the changes that would follow this destruction. It is transiting through Leo connected to the Sun, the planets that one associates with governments and rulers, so this means that all around the globe, governments will face a tough time. Peace and prosperity will go for a toss, but that is just a transitory phase and after June, things will stabilise and we will find the solutions to our problems and within a year, we will emerge a strong nation.”

All astrologers predict tough times ahead but also wish that people look at the brighter side of things. They say India will emerge as a super-power and outshine other countries within a few years.

Ashleyy, a tarot card reader, says, “Right now, Pluto, the planet of death, is in proximity with Capricorn, the planet of organisation and authorities, and this is responsible for the current turmoil that governments are going through. But only when an empire falls, does another rise. If people around the world can patiently wade through the troubled waters, a rosy future waits for them on the other side. India will bounce back even more strongly from the economic crisis and violence that we suffer. As the decade changes, around the year 2012, the planets are heavily stacked in India’s favour and by then we will be a force to reckon with.”


3 Responses to “Global economy with a pinch of astrology”

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  2. Tarun said

    Could they have predicted this (2008) meltdown back back say in 2005?
    I mean one doesnt need an astrologer to tel me the Sensex will cross a numerical figure.
    Obviously 2009 will be the year of chnage there are general elections.
    What I want to see is end of coalition politics.I dont care if Congerss wins or BJP.

    Coalition government should end.

  3. triplicani said

    Welcome to my blog Tarun.

    Astrologers can predict everything. The best place they should be is as Finance Controllers (like me) in a company doing budgets. Then we will have a variation free performance and nothing to explain to the Bored of Directors.

    Coming to Indian politics, I think coalition governments are here to stay. It is the result of too many regional parties and the result of national parties riding on the back of regional parties for too long. So, we have regional parties having strength of votes and ability get some seats for the national parties in alliances and seat sharing arrangements.

    The one party rule that you hope for can only come when the constitution is amended to allow a two party politics. But will that give any alternative for us? We are stuck. Our growth is not because of who rules, it is inspite of who rules 🙂

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