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Fun on the Run – Breaking News

Posted by Sathyamurthy www.sathyamurthy.com on December 18, 2008

I was chatting with a friend on Rahul Dravid’s poor batting form during 2008. And typed the below.


BREAKING NEWS – Rahul Dravid agrees to retire from all forms of cricket due to lack of form (!)

Dravid has agreed to retire. However, he says he will go on his own terms. He says like Dada he wants a farewell series too. He wants the series against Bermuda and if that is not possible atleast against Kenya. Indian Board is going to discuss the matter with ICC as this has thrown up an opportunity to get rid of Dravid even if it meant giving Test status for Bermuda and Kenya.


4 Responses to “Fun on the Run – Breaking News”

  1. Tarun said

    Hey Satya …
    Once u have registered with ur wesite self promotion is required. :p

    I mean why get so drastic, I suggest drop the opners Wall is the strongest when we are struggling and we literally have out back to the proverbial Wall.
    I think this whole scenario of him coming out at say 80/2 or 134/1 is new to him, all along his career he would virtually follow the operns to the picth.

    I mean this whole thing in the media sucks.I dont know if u are one of them but I stand firm on my suggestion.I too think he has couple of seasons left.

    In 12 good years a batsmen deserves to get thru to couple of years of bad patch.

  2. triplicani said


    You have a point there. He is truly a crisis man. But unfortunately he is in a crisis now. May be we should let him open when we follow-on so he has the pressure and pleasure of batting after not just two wickets down, but ten wickets down 🙂

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