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Fun on the Run – Breaking news – II

Posted by Sathyamurthy www.sathyamurthy.com on December 19, 2008

I had a funny dig at Rahul Dravid after his failure in the Chennai Test and reading that Tarun commented in my post that Dravid’s failure was may be due to the fact that the Indian openers were off late rather consistent.

Being a pressure situation player, Dravid was not able to give his best when there was no real pressure when he stepped out to play. Good point Tarun. But we should not forget that India was under tremendous pressure when he stepped out to bat in some of the tests in Sri Lanka due to the Ajanta Mendis menace. Dravid wasn’t successful there either.

In any case, today the second test vs. England has started in Mohali and Rahul Dravid has gone out to bat at the time of me writing this post with India having lost Sehwag for naught.

Lets see if The Wall stands strong today.

One Response to “Fun on the Run – Breaking news – II”

  1. Tarun said

    For once before I get unwarranted comments about Indian openers consitency, I just want to say that this predicament (opener success) has highlighted Dravids woes, coz all thorugh his career he virtually walked behind an opener to the pitch and shielding Tendulkar/allowing him breathing space.
    I love seeing India openers score, I just have a feeling that for Dravid it would be diificult to wlk out at 120/1 rather than 7/2.

    I am happy for Dravid coz he is the shoulders on which our giants have stood.

    I bet he will take some breath taking catches when English come to bat.

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