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Fun on the Run – Breaking news III

Posted by Sathyamurthy www.sathyamurthy.com on December 20, 2008

Back to the wall situation for Rahul Dravid but he himself was The Wall and he had his back to that immense wall that he had built over 12 years when his form deserted him in the past one year or so.

Most cricket lovers in the country including yours truly cried for his head.

He walked out to bat under tremendous pressure and like his current form (prior to this test) the weather was gloomy (more suited for the English bowlers?) and there was added pressure of India having lost Sehwag the devastator when the Indian score was just 6.

And what an innings Dravid played. Full of application and determination. He just completed a hundred. I will rate this hundred of his as equal to his hundred made in the historic Kolkatta test against Australia since the pressure here was no less than the pressure that he faced while batting in that test, except that this was more personal. A veteran of 10K run having to prove to himself that he is still good and speak with his bat to his detractors.

From Back to the Wall situation, Dravid has now come back to the forefront with runs under his belt. For India, it is a happy return back to THE WALL. 🙂

Hats off Rahul Dravid.

3 Responses to “Fun on the Run – Breaking news III”

  1. Tarun said

    A century was correction in terms of markets.India tends to win if Dravid is scoring runs I can say that I saw this hundered coming.

    Hail the Great Wall of India

  2. triplicani said

    I was actually thinking of correlating Dravid’s form with the form of the Indian Stock markets. The whole of 2008 Indian Markets were sliding taking investors to hell. And in the past fortnight it seems to have discovered some amount of bottom and has started climbing up again. Was Dravid worried about his portfolio of stocks all these months and is back to his game since some of his stocks have turned back to profit? 🙂

  3. Tarun said


    He is a honest investor and believs in the ability of his assets and concentrates on his liabilities(winning matches by building platforms of runs and shielding players).

    He isnt a speculator be someone who meditates.

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