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It is true – Cricket is a great leveler

Posted by Sathyamurthy www.sathyamurthy.com on December 21, 2008

Cricket is a great leveler they say.  Someone who performs fantastic in one match is brought back to the ground by the great game very quickly.

There are several instances for this.  But two come to my mind.  One almost 25 years old.  The other just about 2 hours old.

India beat West Indies in the low scoring final of 1983 World Cup to lift the trophy when none expected it to do so.  That was great heights for Indian Standards especially considering India’s general record in limited overs cricket at that time.  Immediately thereafter, West Indies came touring India with the Super Cat Clive Lloyd as their Captain.  They were hurt tigers.  And what a thrashing they gave to India in the five one dayers they played.  They beat India 5-0 and India came thudding down to the ground from the heights of World Cup 1983.

The latest is Andrew Strauss.  He climbed high with a century in each innings of a test match, a rare feat for any batsman, not achieved by many test batsman, just about a week back in Chennai.

He walked in today in the Mohali test to open the England Innings and what he gets? A big zero in three balls.

One Response to “It is true – Cricket is a great leveler”

  1. Tarun said

    Aussies couldnt defend 413 against SAfs.
    They lost.

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