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He thinks it as a game of cricket

Posted by Sathyamurthy www.sathyamurthy.com on December 24, 2008

As Islamabad continues to deny any connection to the Mumbai attacks, Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari said on a local news channel, “India should not underestimate Pakistan’s military power because Pakistan is capable of thwarting any aggression from the east.” (Source)

I cannot stop laughing reading this comment of the President of Pakistan.  Did he think war is a game of cricket?  And he can press into service the Shoaib Akthars and Sohair Tanivirs?

It is one thing to watch Cricket with warlike passion; but it is a totally different ball game (or bomb game) to think War, like cricket.

He should remember that in this series, India is leading 3-0

We should only talk about peace process and not become rhetoric that may ultimately result in war which is not good for intrinsically friendly citizens of both countries.

3 Responses to “He thinks it as a game of cricket”

  1. Tarun said

    We should have begun the process of bombing Pakistan when Taj was being flayed with bullets.

    That was the Mahurat …
    All that talk of opting to military action or thinking of opting a miltary action is bloody goat shit.
    It is a bluff.
    Nothing else

  2. sonaltiwari said

    The best or rather the most ridiculous part of the story is that Pakistani Journalists and parliamentarians are saying that Indian wanted to repeat 09/11 but it just ended up making a fool of itself. Pakistan is trying hard to be in the good books of others and is getting defensive about the hypothetical war meaning more bloodshed …I wonder why is peace process so alien to them????

  3. triplicani said

    The irony, comedy and parody is the somersaults of the senior Pakistani politicians and officials. They say something and then back track on that. Example is former Pakistani PM Mr. Nawaz Sharif. He first said that the arrested terrorist of 26/11 is indeed a Pakistani and then within days back tracked. Former Ambassador Mr. G Parthasarathy told on Times Now that the Pakistani government at the time of Kargil told that it was militants who gunned down an IAF plane (the action which sort of ignited the Kargil war). Then decorated a army Jawan for shooting down the said plane. Ridiculous.

    The fact of the matter is that a war now will put both the countries back from the growth path. It will affect Pakistan more than India as Pakistan’s economy is relatively much weaker compared to the Indian economy.

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