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Invest in Gold

Posted by Sathyamurthy www.sathyamurthy.com on December 24, 2008

I strongly consider Gold to be an excellent investment opportunity for the coming years. And my conviction has increased even more after reading Mr. Ajit Dayal at http://www.equitymaster.com/ . He has given the rationale on why Gold should move up.

I subscribe to his views. Besides the various statistics and points put forth by Mr. Ajit Dayal, my reason for “investing” in gold are below: (Mind you, I am saying “investing” and not buying the metal for your wife! – that is illiquid and usually make you to make a “spirited” run to the liquids of largely golden color 🙂 )

1. Its a scarce commodity

2. Two of the world’s most populous nations (China & India) and the women in the monied Arab world have enormous love for the yellow metal

3. It has not revalued itself for the inflationary effects – the price is almost inflation neutral for the past 27 years.

4. A scarce commodity with so much demand, must pick up speed in the price

5. If you are someone dealing in Indian Markets, the most important reason to buy Gold will be that neither the right parties nor the left parties can do anything about a gold price increase!

I suggest that one takes a serious look at the Gold Exchange Traded Funds and invest in Gold. Some of the listed funds are – Reliance Gold Fund, Benchmark Gold Fund, Quantum Gold Fund etc.


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Market Bulls

Posted by Sathyamurthy www.sathyamurthy.com on January 26, 2008

My friend and I could not stop discussing about the market crash. (The crash dented our pockets too, ok?).

My friend: Markets never looked that they will go down so rapidly.

Me: Yes. It looked a “secular” bull market. People of all castes and religion came there to make profit.

Friend: Jokes apart, where did the bulls go?

Me: See we were in a bull market and everyone was a bull. When the bears came, the bulls were shit scared. So all the bulls went, leaving the shit behind for us. If you look at the portfolios now, there is only shit left.

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