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He thinks it as a game of cricket

Posted by Sathyamurthy www.sathyamurthy.com on December 24, 2008

As Islamabad continues to deny any connection to the Mumbai attacks, Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari said on a local news channel, “India should not underestimate Pakistan’s military power because Pakistan is capable of thwarting any aggression from the east.” (Source)

I cannot stop laughing reading this comment of the President of Pakistan.  Did he think war is a game of cricket?  And he can press into service the Shoaib Akthars and Sohair Tanivirs?

It is one thing to watch Cricket with warlike passion; but it is a totally different ball game (or bomb game) to think War, like cricket.

He should remember that in this series, India is leading 3-0

We should only talk about peace process and not become rhetoric that may ultimately result in war which is not good for intrinsically friendly citizens of both countries.


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Indian IRONY – Post Mumbai Terror Attacks

Posted by Sathyamurthy www.sathyamurthy.com on December 3, 2008

Post Mumbai Terror, there is a new found, but very justified love for the Indian Army.  They are at last kept at the esteem they deserve.  Here is a question to ponder that I received on my email.

An Olympic shooter wins Gold (Only a game) & Government gives him 3 Crores

Another Shooter dies, fighting with terrorists (Saving our country and our live) & government pays his family 5 lakhs.

Another irony of India is that the Chief Minister of Kerala, who ridiculed the father of slain Major Sundeep Unnikrishnan, went to the Late Major's house with his security guards and sniffer dogs to ensure that the place was secure enough for him to visit.  When that is the case why should the Late Major's father allow this Cheap Minister get in?

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Nothing is difficult

Posted by Sathyamurthy www.sathyamurthy.com on November 29, 2008

At the end of the terrorist cleanup operation at Taj Hotels in Mumbai, seeking a sound bite, a Times Now TV reporter asked a Commando of the Indian Army "Kya bahut mushkil tha?" (Was it very difficult?)

The Commando, all smiles, replied her back "Hamareliye Koyi Mushkil nahin" (Nothing is difficult for us)

That is the attitude we all must have. 

When you attempt something and show commitment as if your life is at stake and remain selfless, nothing is difficult.

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