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I moved and upgraded!

Posted by Sathyamurthy www.sathyamurthy.com on January 3, 2009


Thanks for visiting my blog at wordpress.com.

I’ve moved my blogs to my own domain where all my new posts will be pubished henceforth.

You are welcome to my new home on the net.

Best Regards

R Sathyamurthy (triplicani)


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Commenters – How important are they for blog authors?

Posted by Sathyamurthy www.sathyamurthy.com on December 21, 2008

In our blogs, we post our articles, our thoughts, our opinions, our view points and publish it for the world to see.

And then we get the readers for the blog from all over the world.  Initially it starts with the friends circle and the family to whom we announce that we have started writing and the same is published.  We want audience audience you see for what we write.

Then depending upon the blog portal that we use, it has features to announce that someone has written something about something and that something has been uploaded sometime back somewhere and someone who has some spare time and is looking for something interesting to read and had some topics in mind searches for some of these highlighted posts to read something posted recently. (How is this sentence? something good? 😉 ) They click the link that interests them and they land up at our blog doorstep.

Many of these come there and read and go away.  Most likely they have some views on what they just read.  That view varies.  They might have found what they just read interesting, amusing, giving a new point of view on something they are interested in.  They might have a view that concurs with the views of the author.  Or, they might have a view  that, while concurring with the views of the author, add to what the author was expressing but had missed out.  Or they might have a view that is opposite to the view of the author.

Not all of these people click the small link to express their view – concurring, adding or opposing.   Many just browse, read and go away and make it a point to come back to read any new posts of the same author, provided they found the posts that they read interesting.  They are silent people, they come and they go.  They are only noticed by the visitor tracking scripts planted by the bloggers so they can boast to the world that they have viewers from many countries.

However, it is those guys who have a view on the post, and then make it a point to express their view, that makes blogging an interesting stuff.  They have their view and they want to put that out to the world.  They relate themselves to the post and feel emotionally kindled to have their say.

They click the link, post their views and leave a trail of their own blog post.  And that starts another chain of events.  The author looks at the comment.  Feels happy that someone came to his blog, read, and expressed an opinion on the post.

If he concurs with the opinion posted by the commenter, he acknowledges it or adds further stuff to what has already been told, most likely new points of view on the subject matter of the post or the comment.

It doesn’t stop there.  The author then looks up the id of the commenter.  Most of the time it is also a clickable id leading to a page on the web that is the blog page of the commenter.  The author goes there, checks what is there in that page, reads the posts and then posts his comments there.  It again starts another chain of events.  A response by the author of the visited blog and from the visitors of that blog who are unknown to the first author.  They come to that second blog, read the post and read the comments under the post.  Either because they liked the comment or because they got curious to see what the commenter has got in his blog page, they click the first author’s ID and visit the blog page.

Thus starts an amazing social networking and sharing of opinions and knowledge.  The more original, interesting and opinionated the posts are, the more comments and more visitors.  This chain of actions of the human mind unknown to each other amazes me.

What prompts these people to comment? Is it because they themselves are authors and hence want to express their views? Is it because they want to make a subtle announcement to the blog authors that they too write and make a surrogate invitation for their blog?  What is the reason?  Irrespective of what is the reason, they are the VIPs of the blog world.

The silent readers of the blog are important part of the blog network.  They are required.  But, to make blog world interesting and truly networked, we need commenters.  They are the fulcrum of the net society for exchange of views and opinions.

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