Digitising thoughts

and getting immortal on the fly


Carnatic Music

Aparna’s Blog (Also for A R Rahman fans)


Daily chennai photos

R Shantaram’s Chennai photo blog


I3J3 (If you want Cricketonic, you should go there)

Short of a length

An American Cricket Enthusiast

Tarun’s Blogs

Comedy / Fun / Humor

Jammy’s blog (Guaranteed to make you laugh your heart’s content)


Sandhai Nilavaram

Do you want to get your blog added here?  If you have a blog and you want me to add your blog here, do give your URL using the comments and I will visit your site and if I find it interesting I will sure add it. 🙂


5 Responses to “Blogroll”

  1. RamN said

    Thanks for Blogrolling me here Sathya.

  2. triplicani said


    My pleasure. I liked your photo blog. And I am amazed by the simplicity of it and your camera view that sees some meaning in things that people notice but don’t take note of. Paradoxical isn’t it?

  3. Sethuraman Subramanian said

    Hi Sathyamurthy:
    From the email you sent me requesting “KALinga narttanan” I located your blogspot and accordingly I am giving you my blogspots URLs here.
    Hope you got my email with the audio attachment.

  4. ravigovindarajan said

    I am very much pleased to read your blogs about the tag ‘attitude’ The attitude with good aptitude will enable anyone to scale any altitude. thanks sir.

    with regarDs,

  5. Welcome Ravi.

    I have moved all of my blogs including the articles that you have liked to http://www.sathyamurthy.com

    I write on Business, Humor, Cricket and Motivational subjects.

    Keep visiting http://www.sathyamurthy.com and may be you can subscribe for my feeds clicking:


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